Speech, Language and Communication

The Stages and Sequences of Speech, Language and Communication from Birth to 7 Years Old

Speech, language and communication skills are learnt and developed through interaction and responses to that interaction. It is the exchange of information and emotions using constructed verbal sounds and actions that have meaning and with complex rules. Communication is not only verbal but also conveyed through the written word using symbols.

Babies are competent communicators before they can understand or use the spoken word. They are born communicators and thrive on sensitive face-to-face interaction. 

At Birth





Is born ready to communicate with those around, but needs experience and cooperative responses

Responds to sound especially familiar voices

Copy facial expressions – ‘O’ shapes and tongue protrusions – known as ‘pre-speech’ Colwyn Trevarthen

Makes eye contact

Indicates by crying need for food or in discomfort from being dirty



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