Bedtime for Baby

During the first few months your newborn baby will fall asleep and wake up all hours of the day and night. This is because they have not yet learned the difference between day and nighttime. Sleeping about 10-18 hours a day and waking because they are hungry, need changing or wish to explore and interact with their new world. Every baby is different and we can learn by tuning in to their signs, or cues. This helps to see if they are calm and alert, fussing or crying indicators letting us know how tired our babies are. Slowly establishing an enjoyable bedtime routine can be reassuring, and make it easier for their transition from awake to sleep.

Make sure to use your baby's nap time to catch up on your sleep. It may be tempting to use the time to catch up with things that need doing, but being over tired and with a new baby can be stressful. The more sleep you get the better able you will be to cope.

Our DVD All About Baby Cues may help you