Bold and Colourful

By 3 months babies see almost as well as adults and will become interested in objects that are further away. Babies will show more interest in bold, brightly coloured books, toys and objects - even reaching out to grab them. But whatever they hold, it is likely to go straight in their mouth!


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Clip and Discover Shapes

Clip and Discover Shapes£16.99   £14.85


Bababall£14.50   £12.39

Baby Sees - Patterns

Baby Sees - Patterns£5.99

A Tiny Little Story: Farm

A Tiny Little Story: Farm£10.99

A Tiny Little Story: Park

A Tiny Little Story: Park£10.99

A Tiny Little Story: Zoo

A Tiny Little Story: Zoo£10.99

Baby Sees - Baby Animals

Baby Sees - Baby Animals£4.99

Baby Sees - Bedtime

Baby Sees - Bedtime£6.99

Baby Sees - Spots and Dots

Baby Sees - Spots and Dots£5.99

Baby Sees - Hearts & Stars

Baby Sees - Hearts & Stars£5.99

Baby Sees - Peek-a-boo!

Baby Sees - Peek-a-boo!£6.99

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Page 1 of 2:    23 Items
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