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Our BabyShapes 1, 2, 3 black & white books can now be downloaded from the app store - each 99p. The images are directly taken from the books and include a slow animated option.

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New BabyShapes iOS and Android Apps


    Social Baby Lollipop


If you want to try something black and white with your baby, you can download this pdf of a lollipop as used in The Social Baby book. 

To make a realistic lollipop, print the pdf onto heavy A4 paper or cut it out and stick it onto card. You can of course just use the printed paper.

See how your baby reacts to the shape. See how your baby follows the lollipop as you move it slowly from side to side.

Why Black And White leaflet

Download our Why Black and White for Babies? pdf leaflet based on this page. It is FREE to download, copy and distribute provided you make no changes.

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A Good Start in Life
The Children's Project

Warwick Medical School (WMS) and NHS Coventry have compiled this video intended to help parents as they embark on their new role in life.

Social Baby Poster download

Downloadable A3 poster

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