I'm Pregnant! What do I do Now?

Emotions will be riding high - one minute excited the next freaking out. So many questions going round your head….

We have picked some websites and videos from YouTube to help answer some of those questions.

First have a look how amazing the growth of your baby is!

Conception to Birth 


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How Will I Feel In The First Few Weeks?

Everyone is different, but your body will go through changes as the hormones kick in. Here are some signs to lookout for.

* Tender, swollen breasts - Tingly, sore, full - look but don't touch! Much like during a period but more painful. This is the rush of oestrogen and progesterone preparing for making milk.

* Feeling Bloated - Very like pre period. The hormone progesterone slows your digestive system down enabling more nutrients to be passed into your blood stream so they can reach your baby.

* Tireness - Your body is changing inside and out as it prepares for your growing baby to be housed, fed and watered. It is a draining period on your energy and body reserves. Try and get as much rest as you can.

* Feeling Sick - Morning sickness can begin in a few weeks after you become pregnant. Not all woman suffer this but if you are one who does blame your hormones. This also maybe linked to ...

(If you have any tips for morning sickness please send them in and we'll share them. The contact form is at the bottom of this page.)

* Heightened Sense of Smell - Mild odours becoming strong that they make you retch.

* Bleeding - You may experience light spotting after conception. This is a sign the embryo has implanted into uterine wall.

* Wanting To Go Toilet More - The hormones increase blood flow to the kidneys and helping not only get rid of your urine but also that of your baby. As your baby grows space becomes an issue and so increase pressure is put on your bladder to reduce - hence frequent trips to the loo.

* Go Off  Certain Foods - Again down to hormones - Maybe it's away of your body putting you off some foods and attracting to more needed ones.


2. Should I Resist Food Cravings?

Some woman crave more than others during their pregnancy. It is believed that these cravings are your body letting you know what nutrients your baby needs. Do you resist them is dependant on what they are. It really comes down to personal choice and your decision needs to consider your health and that of your baby. The key to any craving is moderation!


3. What Can't I Eat?

Now you have a fast growing baby inside you to consider, having a healthy life style is even more important. There are certain things which are harmful to your baby during pregnancy.

Musts to Avoid: Alcohol, nicotine, drugs and too much caffeine, also some medications - check with your Doctor.

There are also some foods to avoid - check on this link - Advice given by NHS

You can buy  Folic Acid and Prenatal vitamins from 

7 healthy foods for pregnant woman 


4. What Happens To My Body?

Some changes to your body you maybe enjoy while others not so. The obvious being a growing tummy and breasts, but also stretch marks, darkening of the skin, thickening of the hair, varicose veins and latterly swollen ankles.

Watch out for the change in your posture too.

5. How Do Stretch Marks Occur?

6. Can I Exercise During Pregnancy?

7. How Big Will My Boobs Get?

Everyone is different but having the correct fitting bra will help your back as your pregnancy progresses. 

8. How Painful Is It?

It's painful but it's a pain that has an amazing result. Joan River's put it brilliantly - "It's like trying to c--p a melon!"

Here is a couple of guys experiencing it….


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