Social Baby Book Reviews

A book that looks set to transform infant development theories. Nursing Times

These wonderful pictures record the very first minutes of baby Ethan's life, showing quite clearly how an apparently helpless newborn is actively getting to know his parents right from start. Practical Parenting

I wished I'd had this wonderful book around when I was having my own babies. It's a lovely, lovely book. Harriet Harman MP

All Touch-Learn International Ltd trainers, encourage infant massage teacher and baby yoga teacher students to buy the Social Baby book, as we feel it supports and enhances their understanding of babies' cues and is a brilliant resources for the parents they subsequently teach.

Interesting and good fun This book was a real delight. We bought it a couple of months before our first child arrived, and found it entertaining and informative. I learned a lot about what to expect. When our son was born, we had a head-start in understanding his reactions and expressions. A few weeks later, I read through it again to refresh my memory, and confirmed my impression that it was both accurate and helpful. The really great thing about the book is that they have concentrated on providing *lots* of useful images to illustrate in detail what they are writing about. It's ever-so-slightly irritating that the authors insist on refering to babies as 'she' throughout the book. I suppose that there is no answer to this old he/she problem, but it is more of a distraction than 'he' would have been, and therefore makes the text less enjoyable to read. From details in the text, it's clear that this book is written by and for British people, but the general lessons to be learned about communicating with children are certainly international. Do buy this book if you are expecting your first child. Read it before the birth because you may not have time or energy just after. It's great. More books should be like this.
Excellent, highlighting infant commuication skills Lin Murray has written an amazing book which should be read by all those who come into contact with babies. The photographs of the ways every baby is able to communicate are wonderfully descriptive and give the reader a great insite into the world of the infant. I am sure this easy to read book will be welcomed by the Internation Assosiation of Infant massage as we teach massage through infant communication. 
Cherry Bond - Baby Massage Specialist


Early relationships Fascinating insight into early communication between newborns and parents. Photographs, rather than longwinded explanations are used to demonstrate how even tiny babies use body language and facial expressions to communicate with familiar adults. This book will appeal to parents as well as professionals and students. Margaret Anne

Understand your baby with this wonder of a book I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone who takes care of a baby - parents, other family, professionals etc. With the knowledge and self-confidence I gained from reading The Social Baby, I have been able to meet my baby's needs much more effectively, transforming him from a crying, fussy, high-need baby into a calm, contented and sociable little person. The low-text format is very helpful for busy parents of new babies; the book consists of a series of picture stories demonstrating babies' body language and means of communicating their feelings. You will recognise your own baby in the pictures - I found that one "Aha!" moment followed another as I read, encouraging me to follow my instincts and believe what my baby seemed to be telling me, as well as giving me ideas for what might be going wrong during the times when I sat distraught and baffled while he went from simple unhappiness into full-blown hysteria. I have referred to this book repeatedly and believe it has nipped in the bud several sleep, feeding and behaviour problems that might otherwise have developed. It has also confirmed and helped me appreciate what an intelligent, aware being every baby is from the very beginning, noticing and responding to what goes on around them. Of the several baby books I have bought to help me find my way as a parent, this is the runaway best. G. M. Garner

New Grandson, so needed new book! I bought this book on the advice of a Health Visitor, just before the birth of my first grandson. It is an amazing book, you just cannot put it down. the photographs are brilliant, and now we have got little Joshua, I have leant it to my son and daughter-in-law, who always have the bookopen whenever I call round to see them and my new grandson! They cannot believe how true it all is and that Joshua does exactly as the babies in the photographs! Unfortunately, there shold have been a gift of the black and whilte "lollipop" that is used in the book, attached as a gift in the back of the book, this was not in my copy. I wonder whether you could look into this for me please. Sheila Cleaver

Brilliant! This book was facinating and was so helpful in understanding our newborn baby. It was so reassuring to observe normal behaviour in the beautiful photos and was not a how to guide like other books but enabled us to come up with our own solutions. It was recommended by my health visitor and since i have recommended it to all my friends with or having babies. This book is delightful and such a refreshing change from the "how to cope with your baby" genre of books for new parents! The style is sympathetic and informative; the pictures and commentary enable you to understand how your baby communicates with you from the start. It's so wonderful to understand how strongly the newborn baby is motivated to join in with its new social world, and learn about the non-verbal messages that he's giving us. This book approaches babies as the little people that they are and delights in their abilities. As a new parent, although not a childcare professional, I'd heartily recommend this book to parents and anyone sharing the care of babies. Le Whitfield

This is The Book which will help This book is an absolute treasure and does give you what it promises. The pictures explain much more than thousands of words would try to do. Would be great if it were on everyone's bookshelves!
Great help in understanding... I bought this book because i was looking for something different than the usual "guide to the first year" type of thing. It certainly is a different type of book! However, it shouldn't take the place of these other books, but add to them, as it is about baby behaviour, and not what they need physically (in terms of feeding, changing etc) This book is packed with pictures and very easy to understand and clear text as well as lots of helpful ideas on how to soothe crying babies, help with sleeping etc. The authors suggest different methods for soothing babies, but unlike other books, the different ideas don't confuse you, instead it is suggested to read the baby's body language to gage what they need from you. Along with lots of pictures and information on what this body language is! I have learned so much from this book and will definitely be using this book for the first year. The only downside was that i wanted more chapters , as it was so informative!
Jules S

What a fantastic insight into a baby's way of thinking. As a new mum this book has enlightened me. I have tried suggestions in the book on things to do with my baby and they work. She now imitates me. I also can read her body language. The pictures are excellent. I have tried the suggestions in how to settle my baby and it works. TRUST me it does. Baby is sleeping as I type. I also ordered the suggested accompaniment baby books and baby loves them and the mobile that comes with them. Even my Health visitor was engrossed. Top Marks..... JVicksept

Fascinating, eye-opening book for any parent This is a fascinating and eye-opening book which every mother and father should read. It makes you aware exactly how sensitive and intelligent babies are, and shows how inportant and rewarding communication with babies is. It is also very helpful in teaching parents how to respond to the cues of the baby. It made me realise that there is no such thing as 'difficult' babies, but only sensitive ones. Anon