Planning Opportunities for Each Stage of Development

Planning Opportunities for Children from Birth to Five Years in Relation to:

  • Cognitive development
  • Speech, language and communication
  • Physical development
  • Social and emotional development

Planning for Cognitive Development

Children need to make sense of the world in which they live and we can help them achieve this. Children learn by what they see and hear around them, and by exploration, experimenting and curiosity during play. We need to provide opportunities that excite children, so they want to explore, take risks, can make choices and decisions. In turn share their thoughts, ideas and what they have discovered with others and get their feedback. Providing activities which stimulate all the senses through creativity in music, dance and art can give them the confidence to have a go and form their own ideas and encouraging a different way of thinking and reflect on the outcome (be it successful or not) and how to move forward.

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