Personal, Social and Emotional

The Stages and Sequences of Personal, Social and Emotional from Birth to 7 Years Old

How we develop our self-esteem and self-identity, and how we feel and relate to others, are necessary skills we need to learn if we are going to be accepted by others and have positive, lasting and rewarding relationships. One of the factors to look at is temperament. Temperament can be described as the way we view the world and how we approach or respond to it, is what makes our personality later in life. We are all born with unique physical characteristics (hair/eye/skin colour, body type/shape), and we are also born with our own individual temperament. However, whilst we keep our physical characteristics, our temperament can be significantly altered by what we experience as we grow. How our parents interacted with and responded to us has been a great influence on how we see ourselves and how we behave..... 

At Birth


Babies are born social ready to engage with those around them

Born with a full range of emotions (apart from prejudice)

Can imitate facial expressions

Use total body movements to express pleasure e.g. being fed or bathed

Enjoys feeds and cuddles



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