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Livelytime Playsongs


Livelytime Playsongs

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Paperback book and music CD to share with your baby from birth.

This eight double-spread full colour picture songbook takes parents and carers each stage of the day. There are 29 songs and rhymes to take us through baby's busy day from start to finish.

Wake up lively dances and lifts)
Dressing (peekaboo)
Out of doors (ears and eyes)
Play group (friendly toys)
Shopping (bouncers and movers)
Tea time (yummy songs)
Bedtime (ticklers and teasers
Story time (number song)

Alongside the lyrics are useful suggestions for age appropriate actions for interactive fun, relaxation and lullaby.

The CD is performed by international folk artists, Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson and Janet Russell. All the instruments and sounds are acoustic (non-electronic) - soothing listening for everyone.

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Brand:  Playsongs Publications
Size  224 x 214 mm
No. of Pages  48
Author  Sheena Roberts and Rachel Fuller
Format  Paperback
Publisher  Playsongs Publications