Books for Parents

This selection of books should provide most of the answers you need. We avoid prescriptive parenting books and focus on those that support families and help parents understand the needs of themselves as well as their babies and young children.




books for parents
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Social Toddler pb
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The Social Toddler explains why unacceptable behaviour happens and gives the reader an in-depth look at the world of preschool children from their view point, which is very different to ours. Companion title to The Social Baby, with clear text and hundreds of video-stills.

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Parenting For A Peaceful World

A powerful insight to the history of parenting from pre-Christian times to the present day, and how history has shaped the way we behave today. So much of our instinctive behaviour can be explained by looking at our past. Essential reading for everyone, especially if your own experience has been less than perfect.

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