BabyShapes Books and MobileBabyShapes Books and MobileBabyShapes Books and MobileBabyShapes Books and Mobile

BabyShapes Books and Mobile


BabyShapes Books and Mobile

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Eco-friendly baby gift box set. 4 black and white baby shapes books plus a card self-assembly mobile.

The BabyShapes set uses clear, distinct patterns with sharp outlines that newborn babies love. There are also faces that even newborn babies may copy! The high contrast shapes may appear odd or even a little boring to adults, but they are designed to hold babies' attention and the results from them is often breathtaking.


Babies need close contact with caregivers, as well as gentle stimulation from a variety of sources. BabyShapes books and mobile do both, and help promote secure attachments and bonding through close, shared experience.

There is continued debate as to whether or not new babies can see in colour, but it is agreed that they are drawn to high contrast images. These simple books have been specially developed to interest a baby from birth.

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