A Good Start in Life


A Good Start in Life



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Experts from Warwick Medical School (WMS) and NHS Coventry have compiled a DVD intended to help parents as they embark on their new role in life.

The DVD is based on the experiences and reflections of other parents. It aims to help new mums and dads develop the key communication skills that make life easier for parents and babies.

Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown, Chair of Public Health at Warwick Medical School, explained: “It’s so important that new parents are supported during those first weeks and months. Getting the early relationship right has lifelong implications for the health and wellbeing of the baby. If parents can learn these skills they are much better equipped to parent. It helps enormously if they can understand what’s needed from the start.

“Babies communicate right from day one; they pick up on adults’ moods and can sense whether parents are stressed, happy or sad. Knowing how to interpret those baby communication signals boosts confidence and helps parents feel more relaxed about the new job they have taken on.”

Overall this DVD can be seen as a step forward in helping parents understand the needs of their new-born, and to give these children and parents a good start in life.

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