Cost of not supporting new mothers cost UK 8bn a year

21 October 2014  |  Clive

Gaps in mental health care for new mothers cost UK £8bn a year – study

Link to The Guardian article

Here we go again! It sounds unbelievable, but we've been highlighting the need for meaningful support for mums and new families since the mid 1990's. Can you imagine where our society could be now, two decades on - if only successive governments would listen to the facts and spend a small amount of money wisely. 

We've always said not offering support in the early years is like not fixing a leaky roof on your house. Ten years later is not the time to moan about how much repairs will cost!

Babies who's emotional needs are met grow to become healthy children and adults. There are many, many reasons why this doesn't always happen and Mums often need help too, as this article shows. Much if the cost is spent later, when politicians seem unable make the connection between what happened in infancy and what is happening now.

For those interested, a more detailed study of the importance and impact of mum's mental health on the developing fetus is available in this pdf by Vivette Glover

The Effects of Prenatal Stress on Child Behavioural and Cognitive Outcomes Start at the Beginning