Bold and Colourful

By 3 months babies see almost as well as adults and will become interested in objects that are further away. Babies will show more interest in bold, brightly coloured books, toys and objects - even reaching out to grab them. But whatever they hold, it is likely to go straight in their mouth!

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Hello You!

Hello You!£5.99

Baby's first peekabook board book. Hello You! is ideal for parents to share with their babies as they develop and grow during their first year.

Lamaze Bella the Bunny Blankie

Lamaze Bella the Bunny Blankie£11.99   £7.50

Cute soft bunny character with comforting textures for baby to cuddle.

Lamaze Bunny Little Grip Rattle

Lamaze Bunny Little Grip Rattle£6.99   £3.99

Little Grip Rattle Bunny loves to pop up at playtime and hide away at bedtime!

Lamaze Flutterbug

Lamaze Flutterbug£13.99   £10.75

The flutterbug is packed with activity features including clanking rings, and soft teething textures.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Table Top Toy

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Table Top Toy£14.99   £11.50

Keep baby entertained at the dinner table with the Freddie the Firefly Highchair Toy. Freddie helps to pass the time and makes sure your little one looks forward to every.

Lamaze High Contrast Wrist Rattles

Lamaze High Contrast Wrist Rattles£5.99

These bug Wrist Rattles are suitable from birth. 

Lamaze Mouse Little Grip Rattle

Lamaze Mouse Little Grip Rattle£6.99   £3.99

Little Grip Rattle Mouse loves to play all day and snuggle up at night! Squidgy and ready for a squeeze, she rattles when you shake her.

Lamaze Spider in Socks

Lamaze Spider in Socks£9.99   £8.25


High-contrast patterns, all stimulate your baby’s developing vision, while a smiley face and friendly eyes engage attention.

My First Buggy Buddy - Patterns

My First Buggy Buddy - Patterns£5.99

Activity toy with soft individual shapes and black, white and colour graphics.

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Page 3 of 3:    33 Items
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