Social Toddler Book Customer Reviews

This book is my bible (and in France my health visitor ordered copies for her parent and baby classes), really useful and practical, not patronising and put children at the hart of the parenting experience without martyring mum and dad - lovely cheering support when times were tough. Gin Farrow-Jones

If you only buy one toddler book, buy this one ... Helen and Clive Dorman explain why your toddler acts the way they do. They promote understanding rather than prescriptive behaviour. If you want to learn how to enjoy your child, then read this book. S.J. Robinson

I read the book immediately from cover to cover and was fascinated and educated. When staffing situations allow I would love to be able to present both books and videos to antenatal mothers and partners. I believe the books can only enhance the quality of child/primary carer relationships. Best wishes, Hilary Vinall

Highly recommended - unique book.  My wife and I bought this book along with The Social Baby and have been delighted with both. This book isn't a deeply analytical academic text, but instead uses pictures and words to help the reader understand how/why toddlers behave and interact. The publisher is not particularly trying to convert you to it's way of thinking (like so many nowadays) but sek to promote understanding. We have found it a useful source of guidance and would recommend it to parents of toddlers who want to be able to improve their appreciation of wha's their child is experiencing. Charlie