Our Motivation

"Togetherness, support, love, listening and encouragement are the essence of raising a happy, well-balanced child."

Life in the 21st century is not easy. Work, financial social and emotional pressures of modern life can be exhausting and highly stressful even before the arrival of a baby, and stress can lessen the ability of parents to parent. Yet even today there is little support for families in need unless something goes wrong.
Many parents simply do not have the time or energy to appreciate what is happening to their baby during the first few weeks and months of life. Yet patterns of behaviour established during this time form the basis of the parent/child relationship for life and a child lacking in love and attention will become self-reliant and introvert. This frequently turns to frustration and anger, which in turn creates conflict between parent and child.
There are increasing pressures on children to perform and get results at school but if their home life is not happy, their school life will offer little comfort or resolve. It seems we expect more of our children, and will often judge our success as parents by our child's performance at school. A child's ability to learn has more to do with early experience than teaching at school. A child in conflict can face a lifetime of exclusion.
Conflict between parent and child is not confined to low income groups; its roots are at a very early age and for a myriad of different reasons -- the perfect scenario for a negative cycle to begin.

"Parenting is the single most demanding and time-consuming task we can take on, yet it is something we do without training. It is not until we have a sensitive or demanding child that we realise how little we really understand about our children."