Mission Statement and Ethos

"We enjoy being part of a growing group of socially responsible business people who take pride in the fact that profit does not have to equal exploitation."

We are committed to the belief that helping parents to understand and communicate with their baby from birth will have a positive effect on the baby and its perception of the world in which it lives. A happy, well-balanced child will grow to become a content and caring adult - and parent.

Our mission is to:
Foster a sea-change in the way people think about babies and small children.
Promote good parent/baby communication and relationships.
Support the family unit proactively.
Have an impact on issues relating to positive parenting and improved outcomes for children and adolescents.
Break negative cycles that pass from generation to generation.
Reduce stress for families.
"A happy, well-balanced child will grow to become a content and caring adult - and parent."

Our ethos is:

The SocialBaby/Children's Project is a Social Enterprise - it is also a socially responsible business with sound ethics in the way we trade and treat people. We believe business in the 21st century should understand that long-term success and survival needs to include a decision making process based on the premise that ecological and humanitarian issues are as important as financial ones. Like a growing number of businesses we believe it is unacceptable to exploit either people or the environment simply to improve profit. We endeavour to work with those who support these principles.

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