Buggy Time for Baby

Even an exciting trip to the shops or park can suddenly be too much for our little ones. Using distraction to refocus them, using a little toy or two, attached to the buggy can often be a game changer! These purpose built toys can entertain with textures, noises and images to hold their attention. Clipping on - they are perfect for any type of travel.



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Clip and Discover Shapes

Clip and Discover Shapes£16.99   £14.85

Lamaze Flutterbug

Lamaze Flutterbug£13.99   £10.75

Lamaze Spider in Socks

Lamaze Spider in Socks£9.99   £8.25

Tiger Baby Travel Toy

Tiger Baby Travel Toy£13.18   £10.00

Whale Baby Travel Toy

Whale Baby Travel Toy£13.18   £10.00

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items
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