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Top Reading Tips

• 'Reading' begins from birth
• Follow your baby's cues – when to 'read' and when to stop – let your baby lead
• Hold your baby in your arms – 'reading' together is a good opportunity to share a fun experience
• Young babies love high contrast black and white patterns
• Talk about the patterns – your baby loves hearing your voice
• Remember young babies attention span is very short – this builds as they get older
• Even newborn babies love to 'read' books over and over again!

Any activity with a young baby should only take place when baby is awake, alert and interested. Each baby is unique, so be led by baby and enjoy discovering what are favourites. Remember young babies tire quickly.

books for young babies
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Baby Touch: Hello, Baby!

Baby Touch: Hello, Baby!£4.99

Baby Touch: Peekaboo

Baby Touch: Peekaboo£7.99

Baby Touch: Playbook

Baby Touch: Playbook£7.99

Baby Touch: Tickle Me!

Baby Touch: Tickle Me!£7.99

A Tiny Little Story: Farm

A Tiny Little Story: Farm£10.99

A Tiny Little Story: Park

A Tiny Little Story: Park£10.99

A Tiny Little Story: Zoo

A Tiny Little Story: Zoo£10.99

Baby Sees - Bedtime

Baby Sees - Bedtime£6.99

Baby Sees - Peek-a-boo!

Baby Sees - Peek-a-boo!£6.99

Baby Sees - Spots and Dots

Baby Sees - Spots and Dots£5.99

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Page 2 of 3:    31 Items
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